Sheila Parry

Author, Take Pride

After forty years in business, I still find people and organisations fascinating, and I am passionate about making work better for everyone. Having completed Take Pride, my consultancy work focuses on culture and values, leadership communications and performance. I also run workshops and speak at events. I prefer to spend time with people who are open and curious, and who value people.

I have spent my entire career in communications, in one shape or form. First in advertising and trade publishing, but with an early transfer into the business world and employee communications, which I loved.


(Tue, 20 April) Day 1 - Roundtables #1

How can we address exhaustion at work & re-energise the workplace?*

  • (Day 1)¬† Tuesday 20th April
  • 5.35 - 6.05 PM AEST (timezone converter)
  • Connect Stream
  • Table & Floor Number: T4, Floor 1