Trudy Lewis

Communication Consultant / Executive Coach and Director, Colinear

Trudy Lewis is a communication consultant and executive coach, and through her company Colinear, she helps leaders, managers and professionals to be engaging, have impact and influence by mastering effective communication. Her goal is to enable people to gain an edge and confidently take their leadership to the next level. She is a chartered practitioner and board member of the CIPR and co-hosts a podcast, Calm Edged Rebels.

5.00 - 5.30 PM Keynote

Wednesday 21st April

Supporting purposeful leadership

In these times, what type of leadership do we need to see and how do we support and enable them to connect, engage and be relevant? Understanding and creating an environment for leaders to thrive may not be considered a communication issue, but in many ways, it is if we position ourselves to influence and guide through things like coaching, and by helping them to understand the importance of social and purposeful leadership.