Zipporah Maubane

Founder and Managing Director, SFK Advisory

Listed in the Top 500 #AfricanDoers 2020 list by Tropics Magazine, Zipporah Maubane is marketing and communications executive with over 26 years experience developing and implementing strategies to build brands and reputation in the Technology, FMCG, Petrochemicals, Logistics and Public sector.

Zipporah provides expert knowledge in using digital channels to drive customer connection, drive lead generation and sales, stakeholder engagement and employee communications. She publishes articles regularly on the digital economy, the impact of covid-19 in fast-tracking technology adoption, changing organisational culture and the boom of new digital businesses and revenue streams. She is a regular participant in women advancement dialogues and panels with her focus being on how women can use technology to empower themselves.

Zipporah has worked for multinational companies including The Coca-Cola Company, BP, Sasol and Altron, where she served as part of the executive team that led the turnaround of the technology company.

6.55 - 7.25 PM Keynote

Wednesday 21st April

Leveraging tech to drive impactful collaboration inside organizations

As pandemics and natural disasters are impacting economies around the world, how can the business communication professional leverage technology to help the business adapt and thrive while building reputation and great culture?